Ready to enter the most extreme Universe?

Read these basic instructions first.
Daniel, Alba, Quim and Leyre will accompany you in this experience
Take the time you need to go through each step we propose.

1. Learn from Hunters

Join the four Hunters during their nights of observation.
Be immersed in their experience.
Learn by observing them in action.
- Need help? Access the comments page
- You have doubts? Access the ‘Hunter Dictionary’

2. Start your Research

Solve your observation night with everything you’ve learned.
Use your own scientific notebook
Analyze real data obtained with MAGIC telescopes.
Make your own hypothesis and check them

3. Share your discovery

Do you want to win a trip to La Palma? Send us what you discovered during your observation night. Tell us about your experience in Hunters. Find the most original way possible. Take part in the contest to win one night at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on the island of La Palma.

What is Hunters or Cazadores?

Your door to the extreme Universe

Gamma ray hunters is a web application to discover very high energy astrophysics. In it you can follow the research of 4 students with the MAGIC telescopes and learn about black holes, pulsars and galaxies of active nuclei.

In addition we have prepared a challenge for you. If you overcome it you can participate in the draw for a trip to La Palma to spend a night of observation in the MAGIC telescopes.

Register and start your journey to become a Gamma Ray Hunter.

Why Hunters?

Because we like to to infinity and beyond

Gamma-Ray Hunters was born with the idea of bringing young people closer to the most energetic and extreme phenomena of the Universe and to the tools that are used to study them. To do this, we have created this platform with a format and design that seeks innovation at all times: the combination of web, python and audiovisual material.

The web application is aimed at students in Secondary schools, but everyone is welcome to enjoy the adventure that is inside. It includes educational material to know the work that is developed in the field of astronomy Gamma, information from telescopes that have been designed and built in state research centers, and a structure to obtain, manage and analyze a series of data and take conclusions about what they are observing and how it relates to what they have learned from the most extreme Universe.

The messages and the environment are adapted to the ages at which the project is directed, but it is not simply an entertainment. The complexity of the project will increase as they embark on gamma hunting, but the research component is mixed with the game, learning and the challenge of a good enigma.

Who is who?

Behind Cazadores there is a team of the most diverse

To carry out this project we have counted on the help of colleagues from different departments of IFAE as well as external collaborators. This is the whole Hunters team:

Oscar Blanch

Researcher IFAE


Communication IFAE

Alícia Labián

Communication IFAE

Javi López


Daniel Guberman

PhD Student

Alba Fernández

PhD Student

Quim Palacio

PhD Student

Leyre Nogués

PhD Student

Maria del Villar


Oscar Martínez

Technician IFAE

Armando Quispe

Technician IFAE

Adiv González Muñoz

Video time-lapse

How we did it?

Scientific software and collaboration tools

Cazadores (Hunters) integrates web technologies with the cloud programming environment of Google Colab. We use Python and several libraries that scientists use regularly to analyze the data. All these technologies together make Cazadores a powerful educational tool and popular science.

Who is funding it?

Hunters above all has required time, but also a little money!

This project would not have been possible without the financial support of the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología and of the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad through the Program Centros de Excelencia Severo Ochoa.

What data do we use?

In Gamma-Ray hunters we use data recorded by the MAGIC telescopes. But...

We have optimized it for educational purposes. We have adapted them so that the analyzes and conclusions are easier to follow.

Do you want to talk with us?

We would like to meet you and know your opinion

You will find us in:

Cazadores de Rayos Gamma

Institut de Física d’Altes Energies (IFAE)



Oscar Blanch

Coordination, Edition and Production

Sebastián Grinschpun, Alícia Labián

Web development

Sebastián Grinschpun, Javier López

Original design

Maria del Villar

Original Music

Óscar Martínez

Video edition

Armando Quispe


Daniel Guberman, Alba Fernández, Leyre Nogués, Quim Palacio

Thank you!

Building Hunters has not been a matter of one day

We want to thank all those people who have contributed their grain of sand to Gamma Rays Hunters with ideas, opinions, advice … even long before it began to take shape. Especially Digna Couso, Victor López, Carol de Britos and the participants of the Bojos per la Física 2016. Surely without them it would not have been possible to get here. Thank you all!